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David Wayne Carnell was born Jan 1, 1958 in Renton Washington. His parents are Vern & Billie of Yakima David Has 3 brothers Darryl, Dennis and Doug. David also has 2 daughters Tonya Lee Ellis & Brittany Kester. 

David was most well known for being a metal vocalist, he loved to sing from an early age, it started in the Pentecostal church, singing in choir. His family attended church regularly. 

David started playing guitar when he was 8 years old, and along with that came singing. he would buy sheet music, back when it was still just a buck, or the best value was song books, remember those? he was basically self taught, just by listening to records and playing. After the first Metal Church record he actually did go visit the famous maestro David Kyle in Seattle for vocal lessons.

After graduation from high school, his parents sent him to Job Corp. in Curlew, later he joined the us army and became a field medic. He saw tour of duty in Germany and was honorably discharged. However, David had many other occupations as well, a taxi driver, nurse/home care, message therapist, worked in a video store, delivered pizza, worked as an Airline employee delivering lost and delayed luggage and even gave vocal lessons at one point in his hometown!

Some hobbies he enjoyed were camping & was known to sing around the campfire, playing & teaching the acoustic guitar, snowboarding, was an avid reader, video games, going to the beach, hiking/backpacking, philosophy, and he loved folk music.

I would have loved to be a "fly on the wall" in the Carnell home, as Dennis played the drums, so I don't think it would be to far fetched to think they did jam together.  David loved to sing & play his acoustic guitar, he would sing and play it whoever he got the chance, anywhere, anytime. Mostly songs from the 70's like Jimi Hendrix, The Eagles, & CCR.

David could light up a room and was always the center of attention, he was well spoken and people loved to interact with him. He was also quite the practical joker & had a sarcastic sense of humor. 

Even though David's outer persona was a metal vocalist, he didn't listen to metal, he listened to classic rock, David Bowie, Aerosmith, eagles, Jimi Hendrix, & Lynyrd Skynrd. 

The song "Free Bird" defines who David was to a "t", he had no problem to move on to greener pastures and leave everyone behind, it was his favorite song in high school.  When I explain his music career later this becomes more obvious.

Towards the end of David 's career he wanted to make a religious music, but was concerned how this would affect his image. One of his all time favorite movies was "Jesus Christ Superstar". Very few people know David was an ordained minister & rumor has married at least one couple.

He Died due to complications from a car accident. He passed in his own home Tacoma, Washington May 10, 2005 at the age of 47. He was laid to rest at Evergreen Memorial Gardens Cemetery May 13, 2005.

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