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Memorial For steve hott

steve hott.jpeg

:Back to front; Kurdt Vanderoof (guitar), Ric Condron (guitar), Steve Hott (bass), Rick Wagner (drums), William Mckay (vocals)

Scattered Wits is a true story. Dennis O'hara wrote the lyrics & it's about ex-metal church bass player Steve Hott, who sadly did commit suicide., He was only in his 20's.

Unfortunately not much is know about Steve Hott. Steve was in metal church for short time in 1980 (bass) along with Kurdt Vanderhoof, William Mckay, Ric Wagner and Ric Condron . They did get a set of songs consisting of 5 Sinister Savage songs and some covers Priest, Maiden, Saxon, and 2 originals the curse, and joy ride, all unreleased. 

He was friends with david wayne,  Not certain, but might  have met at "battle of the bands," they all hung out there in the early 80's,  Steve was the bass player for MC from 1980 -1981,  material he worked on, possibly the red skies demo. 

Manager danny goodwin really believed in reverend after hearing a 4 song demo tape in 1989, & he put 100,000 into the band. Some of this $ was used to make a video for scattered wits.The Video cost $6,000 & mtv only played it twice, they did not like the subject matter. 

The snakes name is "Koa" and was Daves. This was filmed in a church. the leather pants stu has on, borrowed from friend sabrina free's, and she is in the credits on the 89 EP.  Speaking to her recently sabrina is no longer a fan of David Wayne and now into nu-metal.

Interesting side note, Steve's brother was Mike Hott was a roadie for Griffin.

If you can help find an obituary for Steve I would like to add it to this page..

Special thanks to Stu Fuji and William Mckay!!

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