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In the Discography section, click on the album cover a pdf will open with information about each release.

David Waynes very 1st band was with his brothers, dennis plays the drums, not clear on much more beyond that.

However David and his friends from highschool wanted to get a band going, so in 1980 they started a band called "Sure Fire", which was short lived, all they did was cover songs. Lineup was David Wayne - vocals, Randy Wenman - guitar, chuck smith - bass, Rob Davison - Drums and Steve Ellis - guitar. 

Something funny, Randy said this to David Wayne regarding the carnell brothers "get rid of these guys, they are terrible".

1981 - Randy and David Wayne formed another band Terragon. Terragon was somewhat established as they did create business cards and did gigs at dances and weddings. Terragon did have some original material, mainly covered 70's classics. lineup was David Wayne - vocals, Garth Sybouts - Guitar, Randy Wenman - Guitar, Carrie DenBeste - Bass and Vocals, Jim Miller - Drums.


1982 "The Bratz" they played locally in Yakima, mainly bars, state fairs, doing cover songs by Judas Priest & Iron Maiden. The Bratz were David Wayne, randy wenman, and michael gonalez. this is where the metal started

Later David met Craig wells & joined Metal church in 1982. For this I wont go into great detail on this because the history of David's time with Metal Church is readily available on the web. Fairly sure they met at battle of the bands.


He did leave Metal Church in 1987.  Seems to me David & Kurdt were too much the same, both wanted to be in control & with the constant power struggle something was bound to give.

1988 - Audition with Heathen. David happened to be in town & did a one time audition, nothing was recorded. I talked to Doug Piercy did recall his amazing screams.

david rehearsed Hypnotized, opiate of the Masses, Timeless Cell & possibly Mercy Is No Virtue. you can hear these in the download section, however they are with paul baloff.

Gene Allen (Lizzy Borden) worked with David Wayne in 1987 or early 1988, at that time the intention was to get a band called "Reverend" going. 

They were only together a few months, long enough though to demo 3 songs. The tracks are outta control,  giving it all away, & burning vengance. 

The lineup was David Wayne vocals, Gene Allen - guitar, and Ritchie Reinhardt (ramones), bass unknown. 

This lineup didnt last as Ritchie was very outspoken and Gene wanted to bring in another friend of his Mickey Dee on drums, who he knew from rehearsals. But David didnt want to push Ritchie out of the lineup. and so it ended as quicly as it began.

David went on Join Intrinsic & was with them a short time about 6 months at the end of 1988. Thing is David wanted it to be his band, and didn't want to be just "in a band". They did perform live on several occasions. Nothing official was recorded.

1988 - David wanted to find a new band, he did an Audition for ex WASP Randy pipers "Animal". They only got as far as song writing sessions. David said he did enjoy working in "animal", but heretic kept calling for him. (update I will be speaking to the founder of animal very soon).


1989 - David accepted the offer to join Heretic, changing the name to Reverend as they promised it could be his band. Reverend released an 4 song EP in 1989.


This lineup was david wayne,  brian korban (guitar) dennis ohara (bass), stuart fujinami (guitar) & scott vogel (drums)

1990 - Reverends 1st full album "World Won't miss you". Same lineup as above, except on drums they brought it Rick Basha, who just happened to be there and asked for a tryout. reverends only video is from this album "scattered wits". 

1991 - The 2nd full release "play god" . david wayne, brian korban (guitar), Angelo Espino (bass), & jason Ian (drums). 

1992 - Live ep. this would be the final release of the classic reverend lneup. david wayne, brian korban (guitar), ernie martinez (guitar)  Angelo Espino (bass), & jason Ian (drums). 

1990 - Produced BYFIST's "Adrenalin " EP. 

1991- chorus vocals on Evil Dead's Underworld. "He's a Woman/She's a Man", a scorpions cover.

1993 - David assembled another Reverend lineup, Bill Rhynes (guitar), Chuck Smith (bass) & Jamie Northop (drums), they played in Yakima Washington for about 6 months at little dutch inn as a bar band, They did record a 7 song demo as well. Note Jamie went home to texas (family illness) & was replaced by Todd Stotz.

1994 - this reverend lineup lasted only a year or so. davd wayne, brian porter (guitar), james cooper (bass), and todd stotz (drums). nothing recorded, one interesting thing though, they played at a private party as an ac/dc tribute band calling themselves "big balls". craig wells joined them!!

1999- David re-joined MC and they released Masterpeace. He tried to get Jamie & Chuck to tour, neither one worked out. He really wanted to rejoin MC to get the name, that was the motivation.

2000- This reverend version lineup lasted only a few months. david wayne, bill rhynes (guitar),  chris nelson (guitar), John Stahlman (bass), and todd stotz drums.


seems chris repalced bill, not sure why though. they did demo "oceans of pain". one of the guys has this tape in storage, maybe we will hear it someday!

2000- The Museum of Pop Culture grand opening (Seattle).  David did Jimi Hendrix's  "fire", with members of Heart. There was many bands that weekend and apparently all arranged by Kurdt himself.

2000- Reverend - Gathering of Demons - 4 track EP. The most notable track is legion which David said was the original version of Metal Church "Fake Healer".  

2001 - Reverend line up with Nacho Vara, Davey lee, Todd, & Jay Waganer its not clear how much material was completed. The tracklist & artwork were all done, was to be titled resurrection or resurrected.


David did complete the lyrics to one song "with this needle I thee wed" but rumor is he only sang it over the phone to Nacho one time.

2001- The release of the Wayne album titled "Metal Church". Much Controversy here, read the pdf in the discography section.

2003 - David left for Greener pastures to join Stuart Antsis (cradle of filth) in BastardSun. The project was to be a 10 song project , but never got off the ground. there was no working title to the album. 


David had a lot of trouble with passports and visa to get to Europe. The did demo one song "of pain" (unreleased). David wanted to be in an "established band".

2019 - Reverend has re-formed with a new lineup! New album is coming using demos david left to bill rhynes! this lineup is; vocals "Bobby leatherungs" lucas (attacker), Bill rhynes - guitars (reverend 93 & 99), aaron tackett bass and jamie Northrop drums (reverend 93)

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