Reverend Gathering of reamster re;lase date oct 30 2020

from Vik Records includes bonus material

very rare david waynes metal church track found!


New track from Reverend, covering King Diamond "Halloween"

updated the personal bio section with info on how david got his start singing.  

updated the carrer bio with info on projects david worked on prior to metal church, and also info from gene allen (lizzy borden) from there project in the 80's.

reverend has reforemed with a new lineup!! Project founded by original members Todd Stotz & bill rhynes!! one demo is done for "ton of Bricks", another one is almost completed!

Earliest music ever from david wayne has been found (81), see the section called "terragon"

A special ebook from Bill Rhynes has been released 
for free download called "blood and metal". see the section with the same name.

A piece of news from "gods of wrath" they are calling it quits for




You might have heard of Metal Church "Beyond The Black" dvd documentary, never got released. It features David Wayne's last interview. There will be a push on this project in 2020! Read more here