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Gods of Wrath Tribute

Legion - Scattered wits
Legion - Scattered wits
Legion - Scattered wits
Byfist - Scattered wits
Antiquus Scriptum - The Dark
Sorcerer - Start the Fire
Demolition - Hitman
Hitman Fan made video 
Torp - Ton of Bricks
fan tribute of Waynes - Hammer will fall
Zadiev - Metal Church
Stone Sour The Dark
Nocturnal Breed Metal Church
White Ace - Gods of Wrath
Fan Video ton of bricks
Gods of Wrath - Watch the children pray
Lexx Luthor - Metal Church
Lexx Luthor - Watch The Children Pray
Fan Video - Highway Star 
Fan Video - They signed in Blood
Prototype - Metal Church Cover
Sleeps for Thunder Vocal Cover
Fan Video  Method to your Madness
Frozen Myst - Physcho
Winterkill - Beyond The Black
Nostalgica - Ton of Bricks
Fan Video - The Dark
fan video - Beyond The Black
Angel of Sodom -Start The Fire
Master of Disguise - Batallions
Lexx Luthor - Start the fire
fan video - Highway Star
Morta Skuld - Metal Church
fan tribute - Die Satan Die
Richard Alain - Into Dust
fan video - Burial at Sea
Wolf - Method to your Madness
Byfist - Death of me
fan video - Ton of Bricks
Aymargeddon Metal Church
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